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What’s Endomarketing?


What’s Endomarketing?

Importance of Internal Marketing and how to apply it within an SME

Internal Marketing is a management process aimed at selling the company to its employees. That is, initiatives to improve the company can be promoted among workers to increase their loyalty, commitment and performance.

Some companies focus on generating the attention of users who leave their employees aside. When the members of a team are not satisfied or don’t have their needs covered, it’s impossible to offer the client an experience that really represents the values ​​of the company.

In SMEs it’s important to have good coordination between the different areas, to achieve the development and implementation of all plans and strategies. The objective is to promote initiative among employees so that they are aligned.

Some will think that it’s only about broadcasting sales campaigns, making the worker another client, which is also important, being served, and receiving the same or better benefits than external customers, but we talk about boosting production, finances and especially human management.

Internal Marketing are digital marketing strategies and actions aimed at improving the relationships of the company’s employees. Which means that marketing shouldn’t be seen as an external strategy aimed at a group of people other than its employees.

To get satisfied customers you must have a motivated worker. That motivation could not only increase sales, but even better, boost productivity. The intention of Internal Marketing is none other than to strengthen the organizational culture of a company.

Who Sells Better

For SMEs the goal is to get more customers, and in turn these customers recommend the company, but who better to conquer the market than employees themselves. With Internal Marketing, the idea is to have employees as first customers.

It’s a great advantage, you increase the enthusiasm of the worker, you generate loyalty and in turn the sales increase as much as the production, because the person who sells more than that other person who not only has his/her needs covered, but receives the required attention as a client.

To carry out an Internal Marketing strategy, you must analyze the external factors that affect the company, analyze the environment of the company itself and identify both the strengths and the weaknesses of the company and employees. Once all this process is done, apply the strategy that solves the problems encountered.

Internal Marketing is important within SMEs because it generates greater motivation in the employee to feel identified with the company or brand, while improving the mental health of the employee.

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