DEFRANCORP, business advisors has helped entrepreneurs and small and medium entrepreneurs in Panama since 2014. With more than $ 3.2 million billed in several companies thanks to the direct assistance of our consultants.


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At DEFRANCORP we will create your company together

The ideation and birth of a company is a process that requires paying attention to a myriad of details. This is why it is important to have the support of a group of businesspeople who are experienced in creating businesses from scratch.

Starting a business is not a simple task. With DEFRANCORP’s backing and counseling, we will guide you so that your first business has the best chances of maturing and follows world-class best practices.

Common questions

How much capital do I need and when? What are the forecasted expenses and payment terms? What will the corporate entity be? What will be the target market? What will be the differentiators of my company? How will I reach my target audience? How will I communicate my company’s messages?


There are many questions that a new company must answer in order to achieve profitability, and to answer them you will have the guidance of DEFRANCORP’s consultants, who are prepared to turn your project into a commercial success.

business plan in a good way
business plan

How we help you?

At DEFRANCORP we can help you with everything you need: from the creation of your logo and Instagram highlights, to you business plan, communication and marketing strategy, or defining your value proposition.

How To start a successful business?

If you have an idea that has potential and you have the resources, the next step is to get down to work and make the project happen.


And, to start a business, it is necessary that you follow the following steps, which will put you on the right track:


  1. Refine the initial idea so that it makes more sense
  2. Build a business plan based on market realities
  3. Evaluate the financials in order to understand possible scenarios
  4. Determine a commercial structure according to the legal framework
  5. Build a team that is suitable for the job to be done
  6. Define a traditional and a digital marketing strategy
  7. Develop the business according to goals


The good news is that you don’t have to go on this journey alone. You can do it together with us who are part of DEFRANCORP, where we will offer you 100% personalized attention. Contact us now to make an appointment for a no obligation consultation.


Contact us now to make an appointment for a no obligation consultation!