DEFRANCORP, business advisors has helped entrepreneurs and small and medium entrepreneurs in Panama since 2014. With more than $ 3.2 million billed in several companies thanks to the direct assistance of our consultants.


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What’s Endomarketing?

Importance of Internal Marketing and how to apply it within an SMEInternal Marketing is a management process aimed at selling the company to its employees. That is, initiatives to improve the company can be promoted among workers to increase their loyalty, commitment and performance.Some companies...

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What’s the Importance of an Online Community for Your Business?

Why invest in creating an online communityOnline community represents the current trends in terms of sales, brand presentation and gaining followers on the web. The reason is that most businesses, companies and ventures use information technologies, which refers to all devices and systems used to...

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How to Develop Copy For Your Business

Advertising copy for SMEsSmall and medium industries need to rely on advertising and marketing to scale their activities and thus achieve their business objectives with success in the short, medium and long term.It's no secret that advertising has revolutionized consumer habits in recent years, and...

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