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An effective marketing strategy is one that can guarantee an increase in sales, development of competitive advantages, better market penetration and brand recognition through the completion of certain actions, regarded as your roadmap, in order to achieve your goals.


For any company aiming for expansion and growth, it is necessary to carry out the appropriate marketing strategies. These strategies help identify business opportunities, choose the best tools to beat the competition, and attract the right investors.


Designing them implies following a series of steps, such as identifying commercial goals. Regarding these goals, it is fundamental that you determine whether you want to sell more, boost your brand/product, or finding customers with the highest return on investment.


In general, the recommendation is to analyze the target audience. Your target audience is defined as the person/company/organization with high potential in a market who, due to their nature, will have a higher likelihood of turning into a future consumer of the product or service offered by your company.


For the development of the final product, we recommend our clients that they conduct a market analysis, even if it is a “light” one. In this way, we will be able to get first-hand information regarding size, tendencies and growth levels of the market, which will allow for an accurate validation and, from there, the planning process can be kicked off.


Now that we are at the peak of World 3.0, marketing strategies have transcended the digital world.


What does this mean? It means that every action taken by medium-sized as well as large industries (and currently also new entrepreneurs) for the launch and expansion of a set of proposals includes social networks and digital platforms. In this way, they ensure better impact and greater reach with an investment that is a fraction of the traditional advertising investment.


Influencers are people with a certain level of credibility on a specific topic who have an active community in social networks. Is it advisable to leverage them as a marketing tool? Depending on their degree of credibility, something that we will always evaluate at DEFRANCORP, it might be. Every year the number of people who require a highly trusted person’s recommendation to buy a product or service increases.


Implementing a market strategy to boost sales? With DEFRANCORP it is possible to do this in an effective way and with high return on investment.

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