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Communication strategy: The best strategy to improve customer relationships


Do you believe your company has an excellent relationship with your clients and potential clients? At DEFRANCORP, it is our mission to advise entrepreneurs, small and medium businesses in the design of a tactical, strategic and effective plan to optimize every communication process.


On average, consumers are bombarded with over 5000 advertisements. In order to ensure that your brand will stand out despite all the “noise” in the market, it is crucial to have an appropriate communication strategy for your company.


And it is precisely here where it is necessary to stress the difference in order to get the attention of a captive audience, which could also be considered as a potential consumer of your products or services: you target customer.


Steps to put together an excellent communication strategy

At DEFRANCORP, our advisors use methods proven for over 10 years to ensure success in the creation of your communication strategy.


  1. Goal setting: At DEFRANCORP, we understand the importance of defining meaningful goals together with our clients. A few of the recommendations we might suggest after the analysis stage are: there is a need to strengthen institutional image, for which a decision must be made on whether the company should create a new identity, refresh the concept, increase positioning or re-position.


  1. Knowing the target audience: It is crucial to thoroughly learn about the client in order to know how to address them. For this stage, we also offer tailor-made market research.


  1. Adjusting the budget: For every initiative that we recommend at DEFRANCORP, there is a strategy evaluation period with a defined budget. After finding the most meaningful strategy for your business and other involved parties, we notify you and begin implementing it within your operations.


  1. Choice of communication channels: It is critical to choose the medium that is most appropriate for your clients’ and potential clients’ lifestyle. If you have the ideal message but the wrong medium, the entire effort could be wasted.


  1. Reviewing preliminary results together: After receiving preliminary results of the strategies recommended by DEFRANCORP, we will review them with you. During this review we will analyze what was effective and what can be improved. This stage is the one that differentiates mediocre companies and companies that strive for continuous excellence.