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Development of internal company processes

A company’s internal processes must be defined in a very specific manner, in order to eliminate any confusion about what each employee should do and how they should do it.


And all these instructions, procedures, rules, step-by-steps and regulations must be included in what is known as the job manual, which is just a document containing a company’s best practices in order to properly execute work plans.


Why is this important? The reason is simple: if a valuable employee who has been trained in your company leaves, it is certainly a significant loss, but their job manual remains, which allows you to reduce training costs for the person who takes their place.


This, which is so simple but involves a significant amount of work, will allow you, as a business owner, to have much more time to develop your company and stop wasting your energy on repetitive processes that can be reflected in a document.


At DEFRANCORP we will guide you through the development of your internal processes

The issue with internal processes and job manuals is that not all of them are effective, but rather extremely long and occasionally unintelligible documents that, instead of making the job easier, end up hindering it.


Although nobody knows better than you –as a business owner or entrepreneur- what your company does and what its procedures are, you will nonetheless need the experience and skills of our consultants at DEFRANCORP to translate that valuable information into a universal language.


An important part of DEFRANCORP’s services offering is the optimization of small and medium businesses. And it is precisely the lack of organization and undeveloped processes for each activity what may become variables that will affect business indicators.


However, we must also consider that when you want to start a business from scratch, job manuals are also valuable tools. During this stage, DEFRANCORP can also help you, since our advisors provide personalized service.

Clear, precise and concise job manuals

If your business is not paying dividends or if you’re growing quickly and facing challenges due to this growth, it’s time to analyze what is failing. If the problem involves lack of clarity on your processes, it is time to review job manuals or create them if you don’t have any.


However, you must be careful during this step, because a document that is not coherent regarding style, design and information will not be very helpful. For this reason, the smart thing to do is going with a specialist who can help you design cohesive training materials that will allow your business to progress in an organized way, and with minimal continuous investment in training.


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