DEFRANCORP, business advisors has helped entrepreneurs and small and medium entrepreneurs in Panama since 2014. With more than $ 3.2 million billed in several companies thanks to the direct assistance of our consultants.


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What’s Agile and How Can You Use It In Your Business?

What is the Agile Method and how to use it within your small or medium business?Knowing what the Agile method is is important because it is an iterative development process on a global scale that values human communication and feedback, which adapts to changes and...

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How to Increase Your SME’s Profits

Some strategies to increase the profitability of your companyHow to increase your company's profitability? It is one of the questions asked by millions of people around the world, interested in improving the numbers and the results of their big businesses or small ventures.Knowing all the...

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The Importance of a Business Plan

Business plan: What is it and what is its significance?A business plan is, in one of its most complete and easy-to-understand definitions, a roadmap or a type of guide that provides directions for a company to plan its future more efficiently and effectively.The time...

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What is content marketing and how can I use it in my business?

Do you know the importance of Content Marketing?If you want to enhance your product or service’s visibility, relevance and reach, we recommend that you design and execute excellent Content Marketing strategies.And if you haven’t heard of this discipline, we invite you to read this article...

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What Does a Business Consultant Do?

Business consultants: What they do and how they can support your companyIf you are in the business world, you should know very well what a business consultant does and how one can benefit your company so that it can overcome crises and drawbacks in a...

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