DEFRANCORP, business advisors has helped entrepreneurs and small and medium entrepreneurs in Panama since 2014. With more than $ 3.2 million billed in several companies thanks to the direct assistance of our consultants.


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A bit about our team

The world is changing at a faster rate than ever, and may businesses owners need help adapting to the new realities. This is why, together with a team of 12 successful businesses owners and entrepreneurs, David De Franco (Sole-Proprietor and President)  created DEFRANCORP- Business Consultants. Our team is highly specialized in analyzing your business, putting the opportunities for improvement in order of ROI, creating a plan, and executing the strategies that we recommend.

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Introducing Our Team

David De Franco Levi

David De Franco

(Sole Proprietor, President)

Entrepreneur, business consultant and project manager. David is part director and owns several projects in different industries in Panama, including (but not limited to: DEFRANCORP (Business Consulting), Panama Gold Bullion (Investment in precious metals) and PanaKiwi Adventures (Tourism), The Project Management Institute- Panama.


Emprendedor, consultor de negocios y director de proyectos. David forma parte como director y es dueño de varios proyectos en diferentes industrias en Panamá, como (pero no limitado a: DEFRANCORP (Consultoría de negocios), Panama Gold Bullion (Inversiones en metales preciosos) y PanaKiwi Adventures (Turismo), The Project Management Institute-Panama.

photo of Correccion

Jaime Cuellar

Jaime has been the VP of Operations for DEFRANCORP since April 2017 and has since been in a leadership role in the creation of business development plans, business viability analysis, and given 300+ courses to small businesses and private investment firms in Panama. He’s also managed business branding development, content creation projects and market research projects for small and medium size businesses.


Jaime ha sido el vicepresidente de operaciones de DEFRANCORP desde abril de 2017 y desde entonces ha desempeñado un papel de liderazgo en la creación de planes de desarrollo empresarial, análisis de viabilidad empresarial y ha impartido más de 300 cursos a pequeñas empresas y empresas de inversión privadas en Panamá. También dirigió el desarrollo de marca comercial, proyectos de creación de contenido y proyectos de investigación de mercado para pequeñas y medianas empresas.

photo of Luis Achurra

Luis Achurra

Luis Achurra is a veteran when it comes to market research studies. During his career, he’s had a leadership role in development of studies, analysis, and presentations for representatives of Fortune 500 companies in Panama. He’s worked in firms such as McCann and has been developing contacts in the industry for over 25 years. We’re proud of having him on the board of DEFRANCORP business consultants.


Luis Achurra es un veterano cuando se trata de estudios de investigación de mercado. Durante su carrera, tuvo un papel de liderazgo en el desarrollo de estudios, análisis y presentaciones para representantes de compañías Fortune 500 en Panamá. Ha trabajado en empresas como McCann y ha desarrollado contactos en la industria durante más de 25 años. Estamos orgullosos de tenerlo en el equipo de DEFRANCORP- Consultores de negocios.